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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wartune - R2 - Online - Games - 1k Battle Rating

Player with 1K Battle Rating

Yes this player have 1k Battle Rating during Spire Event were 4 player here then one of them have 1k Battle Rating which rare Battle rating in this Game. Her name is Bazanjilove at this event we got 25 in all to kill Boss. Awesome and was great to make a party with higher Battle Rating and also MiyakaArcher was there with 800k Battle Rating which combination to this 1k Battle Rating and it was easy to kill those Big Boss in Spire event. Kinda good to party like this in a low Battle Rating like me that I have only 200k Battle Rating which not enough to get in this Event. I take 5 Bosses when I go solo to this event. This Spire Event may take 25 stages in all which you will get an Tittle when you reach 25 Bosses in all. But as for now I still not get that Tittle because it's so hard to defeat those Boss without higher Battle rating. It's kinda rare that some Higher Battle Rating will come and get in party with you.

I wish to have Battle Rating like this, but not enough to have now. well, soon I will try it to get higher Battle Rating. it's more fun to have high Battle Rating because it's easy to have one and fun to kill fast to all bosses. and even if your alone you will get good items by defeating those bosses. as for now I just make self having and looking some party with these people with higher Battle Rating. I play hard to this server cause I want to be strong soon and having helping to those low Battle Rating. as what those high battle rating do that they help to other low Battle Rating. it's good to help other people that they need help like this that were hard to level  up their self. all you have to do is to find and asking help to a higher battle Rating. Many player will wish to have an strong character that no one will beat them. I've play lots of games, I just remember those online games before it's a MU online games which making your character a good build in stats. and make your self strong and tough in all players.  

That's why some people or player are making a bad things that they will do some cheats in games. they were finding an idea about how to make their character in easy way and no time cost. A reason some server will go down and closed or wipe because of some cheaters will do rapidly to cheats items and gold in In-Games. So that when you make an own server, you need have enough money to check and maintain your server just to make not to destruct by those cheater players. In my previews games like Wartune R2 Games online are so cool and they were always have a maintenance once a week, and have lots of active admin in In-Game. Buying Gold, Items or some things to make characters strong are safe in paid. This games are so much balance in all player chaser or normal player, they were have an attention in all.

Wartune R2 Games now are in celebrating their 3 years of creation the server of Wartune Game Online. I just wait to their even that claiming good prize just to make you be always online all the time to get that celebration prize. they will having a countdown right now it's has 83 days left now and I was so exciting to get my share as for now I done have absent for that daily present. I wish that I can get good and lots items to that event. Since that event is starting I saw lots of players were online, I think that because of that prize for a celebration server. Lots of player were guessing about what was all about the prize when they got it. It's kinda fun and enjoy a lot to have game like this. how about you I think it's not late to player here. Because when you want to have server that just starting you can select and wait to a server that they will fixed and soon to open. all you have to do is to go R2 game Forum and check what's new server will open, so that you are fist to play and have first player to get high them. So good luck and lets seeing each other there. Just find me named WILDSON in In-Game.