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Saturday, May 23, 2015

WARTUNE Tough Archer


Introducing MiyakaArcher a tough archer, she has lots of Gems in her Invetory. It shown some good Gems and heavy Items, It takes those character who will have gems like this. It gives more Battle rating and being enough for your own character. It's hard to find those good Gems to put into your character in each Sets. If your character is not enough to encounter those strong mobs, you will not gain or get any good gems from it. You need to have best strategy by defeating Boss or Higher Mobs in some high maps.

GEMS to get More STRONG

By using good Gems and higher Pots to your character, it will make your character tough and best in all. You can have or asked help other player by defeating Boss/Mobs to get good items and good gems in each Map. You can have 4 player to make party by each maps. you can asked anytime which player will be accepting your request in the time you will hunting gems and items.


By using Gold and clicking astrals it also make your character tough in time. Just make your character have enough gold to clicked astrals in Astrals Quest. Just look MiyakaArcher character with surrounding her side that's what I mean the circle thing. You need to have good astrals that fit enough to the characters. You will upgrade astrals by using gold too so that your character will get more strong and good in battle. Astrlas can add battle rating to your character and it make tough in time when you have high and good astrals in your characters.


Sylph pet can make your character double battle rating, just find and take those Sylph and upgrade your own one. The battle rating of Sylph and Battle rating of your character will be unite and adding by the two rating. for example your character have 400k Battle rating and your Sylph have 200k Battle rating it takes your character the total of 600k battle rating in all. just because adding the Sylph battle rating. Sylph can be gain by the event of buy in shop, just depend on you which is good or you want fast. you can use real money to donated and buy Sylph in shop. Or you can wait until the events will start and the prize will be the Sylph. Just be confident about what is good for you.

RANKING of Battle Rating

MiyakaArcher was on top 10 in battle rating among her gild mates, which MiyakaArcher was a tough Archer that I ever had. A lot of player that already have high Battle rating in this time. some of them are Casier just to make their character strong enough.


This what I mean, you get more fun and have lots of Victory when your character have enough to be strong to encounter those other player from other server. Each victory will gain you good and nice prize even you lose in every events. Just be active and always come in every events held.

MiyakaArcher City

This was MiyakaArcher City that already level 80 in all building. when you have this game you will make and have this map and need you to upgrade from level 1 to level 80. Every level of each building have a unique contribute to your character which you need it into max level. the requirement to leveling those building are golds. gain more gold by defeating mobs and joining events.

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