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Monday, May 25, 2015

Wartune R2 games - World Boss Event


Here he is, the Boss level 50 players were been hunting a huge Monster that it has 778478027 HP/Life. This Monster will give you lots of money by taking damage this Boss. It takes you to hit this Boss up to 7 skills that you can hit it, and you will die for his powerful skill. But not to worry because you can back to hit it again until Monster will lost all the life. This Boss will res-pawn 2 times a day. The best thing here is you can have change to last hit this Boss which you can gain a huge prize coming from this Huge Boss. This event is one of some event were held daily, they have tanks, battle ground, dragon invasion, Gems, and many more.

I always  been one of the most active players who always attain the daily events which don't need to use real money. I enjoy a lot to this online and take good all the time during game. I invited some of my family and friends to play here. And they were join and have fun.

Boss Event

This online games is not hard to play no hustle, not to worry about the space to disk because it is a browser online games, Not like to other games that you need to download and need space to your hardisk. Just visit here to look and plan to play. WARTUNE ONLINE GAMES a games were you can meet good player and gain lots of friends.

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